National Leadership Conference


Organisation and planification of the National Leadership Conference of BDC, three-year event grouping the Senior Management Committee Organnisation to introduce BDC’s digital transformation for the next three years under three themes: embrace, inspire and date. Planning conferences and workshops presenting BDC’s vision for the following years, explaining which actions to take to adapt to change and specifying the strategic orientation and mission of the organization within the employees.

In Numbers

143 attendees

2 days

3 themes

10 conferences

16 speakers

2h workshops

1 festive dinner

Smart Event

Strategic advices while  planifying the content, the agenda and the outline of the event. Put in place strong moments within the scenario to pass the ideas to the participants and coach the speakers to ensure the impact of BDC’s message.

Photo of the event


2018 – 2019


2017 – 2019