Effervescence 2021



Replicate the success of the inaugural event in a virtual setting. Provide participants with a unique experience in an engaging environment conducive to discussion.

Manage the event’s organizing committee, website, B2B application tools, speakers, sponsorships, staging, and virtual production.

In numbers


Nearly 600 investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, industry professionals, and students for the second edition of the event

More than 15 hours of talks in 3 days

More than 11 hours of training

2 national competitions offering $50,000 in prize money

Over 263 hours of discussions on the B2B networking platform

More than 55 partners contributing to the event’s success

Smart event

Hold a fully virtual event using a new and improved content strategy to encourage audience participation.

Underscore the qualities that make Effervescence an unparalleled networking event for the life sciences industry.

Video of the event

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