What is a Smart Event?

“A smart event is a business solution that uses a collective experience to change perceptions, move people emotionally and channel very specific messages.”

In today’s corporate event planning industry, Altitude C has coined the term “smart event”, which is essentially an event that goes beyond mere logistics with measurable business results.

For Altitude C, a smart event combines creativity, collaboration & communication to design, orchestrate and measure the success of a collective experience. And we accept nothing less than sheer rigour when it comes to event production & logistics.

Also, pivotal to a smart event is the incorporation of an emotional imprint. We work extremely hard to design an experience that leaves participants with a feeling they won’t forget.

Each year, we design dozens of smart events around the world for business leaders who have the guts to try something absolutely creative and step outside of their zone of comfort to reach higher business goals.

We are regularly invited to share our knowledge & contribute to management education and research in such distinguished institutions as HEC Montréal , UQAM and Infopresse.

Our impressive roster of clients speaks volumes about a smart event’s ability to provide you with a direct return on investment.

Our Clients