Experience the signature “La nuit tout est possible”, throughout the whole evening, from the arrival at the Maison Syphonique, to  a delicious dinner in the halls, ending with a festive evening under the circus tent. The whole event was possible thanks to efficient logistics overtopped by an exhilirating ambiance.

In Numbers

474 tickets sold for the “Bal d’une nuit d’été”

45 tables + 1 head table

400 tickets for the “bal Éclaté”, all sold 3 weeks before the event

3rd edition of the “bal Éclaté”

Financing and exposure of OSM :

1 071 000$ collected

Smart Event

Revamp the “Bal d’une nuit d’été” with a touch of audacity, consulting service of event communication to stand out on social media and to create a strong, durable emotional imprint on attendees.

Photo of the event

Alliance touristique


National Sales Meeting

2014 – 2019