Idéa Awards 2022


Collaborate in the ideation of this new award ceremony formula, as well as manage the logistical and event aspect of the celebration at New City Gas. Manage and ensure the satisfaction of the various stakeholders, including the A2C, the finalists and the financial partners. Ensure strong positioning for this first edition.

In Numbers

A 1st in person edition

850 people on site

1,700 people connected virtually

450 prizes awarded

Smart Event

Propose an innovative award concept, by dividing the celebration into three segments throughout the day. Allow guests to gather in-person, in an atypical place, but well adapted to the need to create different distinct areas. Provide adequate visibility for both in person and virtually.

Video of the event

Photos of the event

Réseau Environnement

14th edition of the Salon des technologies environnementales du Québec


MTL InVivo x Altitude C