House of Rohl 2023


Conceptualize a festive evening in the image of the company, in order to offer a memorable evening to the invited representatives. Proposal of an unusual location allowing, among other things, a complete personalization of the space. Coordinate all logistics with stakeholders such as shuttle service, caterer, guest artists, content creation and on-site installation. Accompany the client in the creation of a 360 communication strategy and the writing of communications surrounding the event.

In Numbers

A festive evening in the image of the brand

200 guests

A surprise performance

Smart Event

Thinking of a fluid and tailor-made event to welcome the 200 guests in a short period of time. To offer a consulting service in the ideation and conceptualization of a colorful and memorable evening, in order to meet the objective of developing the brand awareness of House of Rohl and strengthen its position with its representatives.

Réseau Environnement

Fall Symposium series


14th edition of the Salon des technologies environnementales du Québec