About us

We are now celebrating 23rd years in corporate event planning. Still, we feel that vibrancy that makes every day an adventure and we owe it all to the talented people we work with.

Together our greatest strength is in taking your business goals and transforming them into emotions that can reshape your entire organization.

We’ve got logistical pros, wizard-like wordsmiths, brand communication experts and coordinators that coordinate like their lives depended on it. It’s also incredible how the unwavering trust of our clients over the years has allowed us to blossom and gain mastery in the art of event-making.

We’re actually going one step further to make sure that our events are smart events. Because events are brand messages in and of themselves and our work has to be consistent with who you are. We use 3 distinct factors to measure the quality of our events: creativity, collaboration & communication. With these 3Cs, we’re able to provide first-class business solutions for B2B, B2C & B2E. Read more about smart events here.

We are proud partners of Tribu Expérientiel

“Our mission is to create smart events that match your brand, bring people closer & leave a long-lasting impression.”

Our team 

Available for your great ideas,
and for the ones you haven’t had yet…

Étienne Arseneault

Project Coordinator

Léa Bastien-Turner

Communication Project Manager

Andrea Beaudry

Project Manager

Stéphanie Bourget

Executive Director

David Costanzo

Multimedia Specialist

Joël Dufresne

Logistics Director

Barthélemy Formery

Project Director

Thomas Giraudo

President, Associate

Catherine L’Abbé 

Project Director

Thierry Marlier

Executive VP, Associate

Sadya Ouici

Project Coordinator

Simon Prelle

Production Director

Sandra Roustit

Project Coordinator